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The Retell Closet is a custom upscale fashion brand for women that the fashion designer, Lindsay Jenkins, began in 2014 when she was a senior at Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. As a senior, Jenkins was required to create an art project of any kind as a graduation requirement; she chose to make two dresses. She realized that if she could do it for school then she could do it in a business. After all, fashion runs in her family — her mom, both paternal and maternal grandmothers, and great-grandmothers were all fashion designers and/or seamstress. All the items are uniquely designed and created. Everything is done in house from designing, sewing, photography, and graphic design. The Retell Closet is a cross between a chic and flamboyant brand for women specializing in classic apparel with a retro edge. We are a continual effort to uphold the Jenkins' family legacy in the design and sewing business.


To design and continuously transcend fashion, while making it women feel and look braze, voguish and cool. We also strive to inspire, motivate, and stimulate a pattern of success in the creative minds of the youth in the Detroit area throughout the domain of fashion. 


Our vision is to be one of the most captivating high-end fashion brands for women worldwide for now and generations to come.



  • Ensuring that customer gets their money's worth, plus more
  • Deliver the best in all we do, especially in quality, innovation, and customer service
  • Design long lasting clothes
  • Act as entrepreneurs
  • Taking the initiative to to elevate designs and overall aesthetic



Lindsay Jenkins, Owner