About Us


The Retell Closet is a self-owned business that fashion designer, Lindsay Alyssa, began in 2014 when she was a senior at Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI for her senior mastery process. All the items are uniquely designed and created. Everything is done in house, from designing, sewing, photography, graphic design, promotion, marketing, customer care, and shipping. The goal is to share the knowledge that has been gained along the way as well as the many skills needed to run a successful business.


The mission of The Retell Closet is to design, manufacture, and market a distinct line of superior quality handmade items. We also strive to inspire, motivate, and stimulate a pattern of success in the creative minds of the youth in the Detroit area throughout the domain of fashion. The Retell Closet is sincere in its efforts to promote information about the fashion industry while promoting academics, healthy living, confidence, and self-awareness in the community.